My First Encounter with The Ocean’s Daughter

kuakata sunset

I had never been to a sea before. I never knew how it feels to lie down in the sand and let the salty water greet your skin every few seconds. Although the aftermath was pretty ugly with sand making my hair heavy and covering my whole dress from head to toe, I would still say it was one of the best experiences of my life.


This weekend, on a short-lived vacation spanning over three days, I had my first meeting with Kuakata – the daughter of the ocean. It is much less celebrated than the other biggies like Cox’s Bazar and St. Martin. Nevertheless, I felt quite at ease sitting in front of it and seeing it reaching for me again and again like an ever-enthusiastic kid.

I tried to submerge myself in it too, but got rather afraid of how I lost the balance of my feet underneath. I even almost lost my only and essential spectacles! Both of my eyes are in a critical state and I certainly cannot survive without a pair of powered glasses on them. One of my fellow “travelettes” got them back for me as I struggled with keeping my head above the water.

In addition to all such bittersweet (or is it bitterSALT?) experiences, I got to watch the beautiful sunrise and sunset from the wet gray sand. That is mainly what this beach is known for – the amazing carnival of red, orange, yellow and pink rays on the giant canvas of sky. They all meet each other every day either to welcome the sun or to see it off.

For further entertainment, you can try to meet the red crabs on Laal Kakrar Chor (Land of Red Crabs) or see the beauty of Jhau Bon (Tamarisk Forest). You may also come out at night to observe the moon-kissed beauty of the ocean’s daughter. It is an enchanting view with some boats staying put on the shore under the silver light and vast blue sky. You will surely feel like this is a set of some magical fairytale.

Though most of this trip I had my toes bruised, every time I looked at the sparkling water playing on the endless horizon, my heart said: “this is worth it”.

If you haven’t experienced this beautiful oceanic princess yet, do meet her as soon as you find the time.



  1. Tumpa Pramanik says:

    Wow apu ,,,, great experience.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. samasamrin says:

      Thanks to you all for organizing trips like this ^_^


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