2021 Recap: Favorite YouTubers I Found Last Year

2021 was a tumultuous year for me, as for many I suppose. However, I did have the privilege of taking shelter in the online entertainment world for some free therapy and a comfortable return to sanity. And a huge part of that was YouTube videos from some creative and talented individuals.

Here are the four YouTubers I found last year who have become such favorites that I can always rely on them to reset my mood!

1. Joe Scott

Joe Scott

Seeing the titles of his videos, I initially thought that they were going to be those boring clips where one man goes on and on about something without providing any entertainment whatsoever. And boy, was I wrong!

Joe Scott has turned into one of my most favorite YouTubers since he picks such interesting topics for every video. They range from the universe, history, electronics, chemistry, conspiracy theories, climate change and our future as a species. For some videos, he also made sketches that honestly have pretty good scripts and showcase his acting skills.

The guy has so much knowledge about such random topics, it almost doesn’t make any sense! His light-hearted demeanor, comedy and creativity make him seem like the fun teacher we all wish we had.

2. Hailey Elizabeth

I found Hailey Elizabeth randomly one day when I was checking out different videos on some typical YouTube drama (Yes I like tea 👀). I got hooked from her three-part video series on how YouTube family channels are extremely problematic and saw her go from about 70,000 subscribers to over 400,000 subscribers within three months!

Personally, I love her casual conversational style and how “chill” every video feels no matter what the subject matter is. Her sense of humor also matches with mine, which always makes any content much more enjoyable.

Nowadays, she makes videos mostly based on true crime, conspiracy theories and controversial people. However, I really liked her experimental vlog where she just stayed on an AirB&B treehouse for a weekend. It inspired me to go on “risqué” adventures once this pandemic is finally over.

3. That Chapter (Mike Oh)

After true crime stories on channels like JCS almost paralyzed me with horror, I found Mike Oh’s channel where he discussed similar stories but without the emotional baggage (if that makes sense).

Watching his channel, I feel like I’m just watching how far some humans can go to justify their twisted ego or limitless greed. It doesn’t necessarily make me feel like, those things are going to happen to me. Instead, I just feel empathy for the victims and acknowledge how twisted my species is.

He posts twice a week and always ends the video with “Take care of yourselves. I love ya. Mike Out”, instead of the usual “Like, Comment, Subscribe” etc. Pretty cool lad!

4. Mike’s Mic (Michael Messineo)

Contrary to the previous Mike, this Mike goes nowhere near death or darkness. The Italian-Australian YouTuber Michael Messineo creates videos primarily based on pop culture. What I love about his content is the unpredictability.

You never know what he’s gonna post next!

For instance, he once made a 5-minute video only on how he would shut down an old flip phone he just found! And, honestly, I genuinely enjoyed it and I keep watching it on repeat because of the chaotic-but-chill comedy.

And not to forget, the guy has a Master’s Degree in engineering! I was dumbfounded when I found his LinkedIn profile which is full of STEM accomplishments. I would never predict an experienced engineer could be this fun and this knowledgeable about pop culture moments.

I genuinely watch all these people twice or more every week, and keep coming back for more. If any of these channels strikes a chord with you, go ahead and join the fandom!


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