2022 Recap: The Comeback of Opera Gloves

In the last decade or two, gloves have been usually worn only for utilities and comfort. However, the 2020s are changing that and bringing back dramatic gloves into the trend. These particular accessories called opera gloves remind us of the elegant 60s when average women and Hollywood stars alike would adorn themselves with these statement pieces.

Blame it on viral shows like Bridgerton or high fashion brands, the opera gloves are being seen everywhere – from celebrities attending the red carpet to teenagers busting their moves on TikTok.


We saw the dominance of elegant or dramatic gloves since fashion brands started showcasing their 2022 pieces on the runway. The materials, shades and motifs present on these gloves varied widely, which added to the excitement brewing among us about its comeback.

The runway looks presented by brands like Valentino highlighted how adding gloves of a contrasting color can visibly upgrade your appearance. For instance, you can turn a simple look in yellow dress into a stylish one by adding leather gloves in white, gray or mint. Another good idea would be to wear shoes of the same color as your gloves.

If elegance is not really your style, the opera gloves can even be great additions to a vibrant or edgy look! While black gloves go better with the latter, the former can play a lot with colors. For the monotone looks, you can either go for a contrasting color, or a color that’s a few shades darker or lighter than your outfit. On the other hand, if your main outfit itself is a burst of different colors, go for a monotone glove matching one of those colors.

Music Videos

Opera gloves have also become an essential for musicians to don in their music videos. Be it Olivia Rodrigo in “Good For You”, Adele in “Oh My God” or Doja Cat in “Get Into It” – pop queens have embraced this trend and showcased it in their latest hit music videos.

Red Carpets

The opera gloves trend also was a favorite on red carpets this year.

Celebrities like Gwen Stefani shined on the red carpet with vivid colors like neon yellow and pink.

However, the majority of red carpet divas played with black and white gloves to elevate their looks.

The biggest splash was made by Blake Lively who astonished everyone at the MET Gala with her transforming gown! Paying homage to the Manhattan architecture in line with the theme of America’s Gilded Age, she unleashed a blue gown by untying the big bow on her original copper-colored gown! Both times, her gloves also changed colors accordingly, representing the oxidization of the Statue of Liberty over time.

Celebrities also featured opera gloves on premieres and episodes of TV shows to keep their fashion game strong.

So if you are planning your look for this Christmas or New Year celebrations, you can try wearing a pair of opera gloves – black, white or vibrant, solid or sheer, silk or leather – in any variation you want! Others will definitely give you a second look and wonder how to up their fashion game to your level ✨


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