2021 Recap: What Did I Even Do Last Year?

2021 ended 10 days ago, and I planned to write this 20 days ago.
But 2021 was unpredictable, and so was my life that year.
But are we surprised at anything after 2020? No.
So here I am summarizing my highlights from last year. Enjoy!

An Unloved Child

I have been dangerously close to insanity the last few days. Like every other month, I was deeply optimistic and excited about the new month of October. In fact, I probably took a bit too much on my plate for this month. I decided to put some life on this blog again (sorry for beingContinue reading “An Unloved Child”

What if you die tomorrow?

I never realized how much I love my life until this pandemic happened. Sure, the first few days were extremely hard because of the misunderstandings and toxic nature in my house – both of which have been pretty prevalent in these surroundings since my teenage days. However, as time went on and people started dyingContinue reading “What if you die tomorrow?”