What if you die tomorrow?

I never realized how much I love my life until this pandemic happened. Sure, the first few days were extremely hard because of the misunderstandings and toxic nature in my house – both of which have been pretty prevalent in these surroundings since my teenage days. However, as time went on and people started dyingContinue reading “What if you die tomorrow?”

What is a Gentleman?

I found this beautiful definition of being a true gentleman from a YouTube video featuring Ayushmann Khurrana. This is my translation of its Hindi transcript. To see the original video, click here! There is a stereotype for men – they’re hyped to be macho, to be the bread earner in the family, the saviour ofContinue reading “What is a Gentleman?”

Being A Girl

Aunts from childhood taught me a girl should be modest, soft-spoken, kind and willing to compromise in any situation. As I reached teenage, I sensed a misleading concept in that mentality – “why should only the women compromise?”. After I escaped the confusing period of teenage, I came across many ladies who confidently stand againstContinue reading “Being A Girl”

Rapedemic Bangladesh : March 2018 Report

As the whole country celebrated the historical speech of 7th March by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and their 47th Independence Day, the area of female security delved deeper into the black hole. The country of Bangladesh is the most vulnerable ever with frequent incidents of rape, molestation and sexual assault throughout the major cities.

The Usual Rapes and Some Thoughts

Bangladesh has never been one of the socially progressive countries. I’ve known that since birth. But still, could there be a possibility of living like a human instead of a woman among¬†this mind-handicapped crowd?¬†